Olala Hotels

Olala Hotel brand was established in 2017 by WA Hospitality for the mainstream travelers who are looking for a hotel/resort which offers satisfactory and memorable experiences.The Important thing is to understand the DNA of the brand. The objective of Olala is designed for guests to experience the fun lifestyle of the brand.

Olala is an exciting new brand wholly owned by WA Hospitality through which we offer a refreshing twist in the hospitality industry.

Our Goal is to provide a sound night sleep on a great bed at the right location with a liveable space for the body and soul. Traveling for business and leisure has become part of our daily lives. It has evolved from extraordinary to the ordinary, which Olala brand is part of this transformation.

We diversify our portfolio of offerings, facilities and services by adding more personalized services to our guests. We understand customer's psychology and communicate with our guests in order to make them our satisfied clients. Our team are well trained to offer their personalized attention when welcoming guests to our Hotel or Resort. We always have an innovative approach in this era of technology which is taking over the traditional hospitality model.

 The Success of the Olala brand lies greatly in our commitment of Service Excellence , where we believe that human touch combined with technology can offer the complete satisfaction of all our guests.

“La Joie De Vivre”
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